aka Robyn Renee Hasty

My work centers on the precarious space between transgression and transcendence. I am drawn towards people and places whose identities are self-made. I believe that making art is an act of resistance. Through the resilience and resourcefulness of individuals and communities living on their own terms, I find a process of world-making that lays the groundwork for wider social transformation.

As of 2016, I changed my name to Rowan Renee. In the past I have worked under the names Robyn Renee Hasty and Imminent Disaster.


NEW WORK- "Bodies of Wood"
"Bodies of Wood" is a series of self-portraits exploring my relationship to my father, a convicted pedophile, five years after his death in prison. I use the camera to explore the long-term physical and psychological effects of incest while simultaneously reclaiming my own agency within a legacy of violence. I resist a literal re-staging of events, instead using the camera to approach a tangled web of defiance, shame, rage and desire. The result is a raw and earnest body of work asserting that to speak out is a political act that resonates beyond the individual, and is essential for both personal and cultural healing.

A personal essay, printed as a zine, accompanied the exhibition at Peninsula Art Space in 2016 and The Aperture Foundation in 2017.

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