aka Robyn Renee Hasty

Stilt City is an art and community space rebuilt in a vacant bungalow in Rockaway Park, New York, flooded by Superstorm Sandy. It was born out of a belief that artistic vision is essential to communities after crisis. These in-between moments straddling past and future are are the most potent for making visionary propositions on how to rebuild, reshape and transform future trajectories towards a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable world. Stilt City's mission is to provide a space to experiment with radical ideas and alternative social and economic structures at the intersection of art, community, and urban development.

Stilt City is a large-scale project depending on the vision and support of many artists. Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects have provided invaluable collaboration and support--- their architectural design and renderings are shown here. The renderings also show proposed art installations from: Maya Hayuk, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Alyssa Dennis, and Thomas Beale.

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